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Re: A user friendly suggestion

The web archive mechanism provides a very useful "Raw text" feature.
FWIW, here's my procedure for reading/replying:

1) subscribe to (necessary to be considered
   subscribed to the list, you will not receive any actual messages)

For each message you want to reply to:

2) read the message
3) follow the "Raw text" link, select all and copy
4) open a bash shell, run

   $ cat | sed -e '1,/^$/s/ at /@/g' -e '1,/^$/s/ dot /./g' > message

   and paste the message followed by a Ctrl-D.  Make sure the message is
   smaller than 64k, otherwise an xterm/rxvt will hang - beware of
   attachments.  You can paste it into a text editor and copy/paste
   smaller chunks if necessary, or use a snapshot I posted to the list a
   while ago - )

5) use your favorite mailing software, open or import the file 'message'
   (in mbox format), and reply.  I use pine with no problems.

The only gotcha is that the above shell line replaces every " at " by an
"@", and " dot " by a ".", which could be annoying if there's an "at" or a
"dot" in the subject (the former being more likely).  It is possible to
modify the above to accomodate that, but it's easier to just scan the
Subject: line and replace the "@" by an " at " if necessary.

On Sun, 8 Dec 2002, Rui Carmo wrote:

> Well, I've done it both ways. I've followed the list over the last year
> via the Web, and only recently I've subscribed in order to keep closer
> track of the 1.3.16-17 issues.
> Digests are fine for some people (and slower mailing-lists), but others
> (like me) hate scrolling up and down inside a message to find similar
> subjects/threads, and then having to follow parts of the plot in other
> digests, so on and so forth. It's a royal pain, and does not save any
> real amount of time or traffic - rather the opposite, at least for me.
> :)
> So I re-subscribed to the mailing-list and, after two weeks (and even
> though it's been easy to tame procmail to do my bidding), I'm already
> considering unsubscribing due to the sheer volume of mail (and I don't
> actually store it on my box, but on an IMAP server, so I read it from
> _five_ different boxes now...). Cygwin + darwinports + chimera + a
> bundle of networking and security lists equals around 200 messages a
> day... :/
> The web archive is much easier to handle, so any little enhancements
> (like adding the subject to the mailto: link, which seems a trivial
> endeavour that no-one will pick up on for sheer lack of time) would be
> welcome.
> Since this "why don't you subscribe" thing seems to happen every single
> time anyone mentions they are not subscribed, I'd like to suggest the
> following addition to the Cygwin FAQ or netiquette section for the
> mailing-lists: :)
> "Please remember that people who read the mailing-list via the Web
> should not be treated like second-class citizens. Given the Web's form
> of interaction, they have to make an effort to follow the list
> actively, not just lurking passively until mail arrives."
> And now, back to Cygwin. :)
> Rui Carmo
> On Saturday, Dec 7, 2002, at 22:07 Europe/Lisbon,
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Im not sure about everyone else, but I subscribe to the list so I get
> > the
> > messages in my mailbox. If you do subscribe and you don't want to get
> > all
> > of the messages from the list you can use the cygwin-digest, a daily
> > digest
> > of the traffic on the list, instead of revieving all and every message.
> >
> > See
> >
> > On the latter is could not see your post... Whats it called?
> >
> > Elfyn
> >
> >
> > Original Message:
> > -----------------
> > From: Joseph I. Davida
> > Date: Sat, 07 Dec 2002 04:09:56 -0800
> > To:
> > Subject: A user friendly suggestion
> >
> >
> > Hi folks,
> >       It would be nice if the postings to the Cygwin
> > mailing lists contain a link to reply to the posting
> > when these articles are viewed via a web browser via
> > URL
> > It would obviate cutting and pasting.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Joe
> >
> > P.S: has anyone experienced the problems I have posted
> >      about setup.exe on Win2K Professional?

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