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Re: cron problem in W2K Proffesional

Eric De La Cruz Lugo wrote:

The cron works now!, the output its ok (date.txt).

but with my script the things are different, here are
the files I use.. I tested the script from the command
line and work flawlesly, but when i add it to my
crontab it does not work has expected!

the files are atached to the mail, and the output from
the script being executed by the cron its there too.

hope you can help me or advise me.
My suspicion would be that somewhere along the line you are referencing a mount point or a mapped location that just is not accessible from cron. Cron's environment does not insure that all network locations are accessible. I remember asking about this in the past. There is some difference between mount points where some are "global" and some are not. IIRC I never got a satisfactory answer as to the question of how one tells the difference.

You should probably add some cron entries to ls various files you depend on using their exact paths that you use in your scripts. One of them will most likely fail.

Meantime you might want to set up SMTP so that cron can email you when you make typos like /usr/sbin/date... :-)

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