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Re: Another cygrunsrv question

I've got a perl script I use for just this, listing services on a server. It requires NT >= 4, win32 perl or cygwin perl with and the al library. I've attatced it to this post.

It shouldn't be too hard to add this functionality to cygrunsrv should it?


--- "Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)" <> wrote:
>At 11:03 PM 12/9/2002, Jack Twilley wrote:
>> >>>>> "Larry" == Larry Hall <(RFK Partners, Inc)" <>> writes:
>>Jack> Is there any way to display information about installed
>>Jack> services?
>>Jack> I'd like to see what services are installed, what arguments they
>>Jack> have, what users they run as, et cetera, to help debug this
>>Jack> perflog problem.
>>Larry> You can see what services are started with 'net start'.  Not
>>Larry> sure I know of a utility that gives you all the information
>>Larry> you're looking for.
>>It sounds like the kind of thing that could be rolled into cygrunsrv
>>pretty easily, since cygrunsrv modifies this information and uses it
>>for services.  Something like "cygrunsrv -L <service>" where
>>information about a particular service could be displayed, or failing
>>that, all the services on the system.
>Nice theory.
>>(too bad I'm insufficiently skilled to write the code)
>Indeed.  Well at least your request and observations are in the email
>archives for anyone interested in following-up on them in the future.
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