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Re: /tmp

Vince Hoffman wrote:
I'm intrigued, where would you have it point then ? c:\temp ? c:\tmp ?
No, to <cygwin-install-dir>\tmp. Ditto for /etc.

I had tried this same thing earlier: I was using a mount map where "/" was mounted on "c:/" (I have only one disk), and I had a c:/usr directory containing symlinks to c:/cygwin/usr/* or c:/cygwin/* as appropriate.

And I had /etc -> c:/cygwin/etc, but each time I ran setup, it would break this link and create an almost empty directory with just setup/last-cache and setup/last-mirror. Anyway, I gave up the idea soon.

(The reason is because I use a *native* tcsh as my shell, which has some NT-specific extensions for filename completion (complete=igncase), titlebar setting, etc. But the filename completion is (naturally) unaware of cygwin mounts, so I was trying to get the setup to look as much like the native structure as possible, while allowing things like "man" to still find their files).

Anyway, I've given up that idea, and just deal with the mental bump when doing filename completion of something in the cygwin tree. The command line does one thing, and "ls" does another...

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