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postgresql postmaster and LC_MESSAGES EN_US problem

I just updated to current postgresql and got
past the ipc-daemon upgrade problem (yes it's
noted in the README) but then got snagged on
the LC_MESSAGES EN_US setting in postgresql.conf.

Note I did cd into the data directory and I
deleted everything, then rebuilt with initdb,
	cd /cygdrive/d/postgresql/data
	rm -rf *
	initdb -D /cygdrive/d/postgresql/data
then, when running by hand, as in:
	postmaster -D /cygdrive/d/postgresql/data
I get the following error message:
	FATAL: invalid value for option 'LC_MESSAGES': 'EN_US'

I got around this problem (??) by commenting out
the 4 localization lines at the end of postgresql.conf
in the data directory, but would greatly 
appreciate any suggestions as to what's south
with my setup that would cause this.  I've scanned the 
archives and didn't see anyone else reporting this problem 
so I assume it is my configuration.

Note that I'm running in a spec'ed data directory that is
not standard, if that's an issue.


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