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Re: MS_types and addr_t name polution


The addr_t type is used in memory managment (memory addresses??) in /usr/include/sys/mman.h. If you plan on using this (or is already on the code, mman.h i mean) you may have problems. What is the type of your addr_t? is it type char of * (pointer)?

If the code is open source you can just change the addr_t typedef name (in your source) to something else eg. addr2_t in all of your source files (a simple search and replace).


--- Michael Eager <> wrote:
>I'm porting a small program to Cygwin.  One of the typedefs
>in the program is for a symbol named addr_t.  Since this is
>defined in /usr/include/sys/types.h, there is a redefinition
>This (and a number of other symbols) are defined when __MS_types_
>is defined, which, in turn, is defined whenever __CYGWIN__, _WIN32
>or __MSDOS__ is defined.  
>I don't see any use of addr_t in /usr/include.  Is there a reason
>for defining addr_t and the other symbols?
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