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Re: pipe improvements in snapshot

Christopher Faylor writes:

> In the most recent cygwin snapshot (uploading now) I've attempted to
> work around the 10ms delay in pipe reads.

< snip >
> Please check out the latest snapshot and report here if there are
> problems.  I haven't yet tried this on Windows 9x class systems so it's
> entirely possible that there is a problem there.

With a Cygwin CVS tree I built this AM < (2) below > 
rxvt has problems when configuring a project from a build directory


cd $TOP_DIR/build

The problems vary from run to run ranging from 'error parsing uname'
to program hang < recoverable with 'ctrl-C' > making me suspect a
possible data loss

Using the gcc option -pipe seems to allow the configure process
Using the -pipe flag I have not seen the uname error but it does
eventually hang when actually creating the Makefiles

This project uses libtool

With the CVS tree build (1) below I do not experience this

(1) 10-Dec-2002   7:10:38a    6,683,847  cygwin-20021210.tar.gz
(2) 12-Dec-2002   6:09:42a    6,688,318  cygwin-20021212.tar.gz

The times are EST and the tarballs are created by a script that
does a CVS update, make, make tarball which takes ~20 minutes
so the CVS update time should be approximately 20 minutes earlier

Any 'tips' as to how to best debug this appreciated 


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