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Re: Individual vs. list-only replies (Was Re: Force bash to startas administrator)

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:


I would like to point out that most people on this list are busy people,
As am I.

and that the most convenient way to reply is the one that takes the least effort on their part.
In my software I simply hit reply instead of reply all. Either button is as easy.

The message that started this discussion used the default behavior of pine (reply to author, cc to list - I hit reply, write the message, and press send), whereas for this message I actually had to explicitly remove your name from the To: line and move the cygwin list from Cc: to To:. I'm only doing this to prove the point now, and will most probably not do so in the future.
Yes and in my software the default way is to either hit the reply button or type Control-R. In order to reply all you need to hit that button or Control-Shift-R (i.e. a little more difficult).

But the issue is not only are people who reply busy but so are the readers. With your software's defaults I get a message in my email AND see it and have to skip it later when I read the list. Thus it is more work for me, hence the request not to do this.

As for the path of least inconvenience, if your method was the most popular then I would be receiving email whenever somebody response to one of my posts but I don't. Therefore it sounds to me like this is a pine'ism.

Otherwise I will simply set up a filter to ignore all email from you :-) !

This is certainly your choice.

Again, I don't appreciate getting email that's a copy of what I'll be reading on the list shortly anyway.
As I mentioned before, the standard way to deal with this (on any mailing list) is to use a Reply-To header. Since your method for reading and posting to this list is non-standard (namely, the gmane newsgroup) and incompatible with Reply-To,
It didn't used to be incompatible however the gname maintainer changed that behavior.

you would need to seek alternate solutions.
Yeah, ploink I guess... :-)

P.S. Also note that, even with your current setup, you can get a double copy only if someone replies to a message that you posted.
Again, when others respond I do not get an additional email copy of it. Just with some people. Apparently people who use pine and perhaps some other mailers.

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