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Re: Slowness on app startup after recent update (and yes I read the FAQ)

Somehow a // has been introduced into my system. Below
is the strace to cvs.

My path is,

:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Oracle/jre/1.1.7/bin
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Sybase/OCS-12_0/dll
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Sybase/OCS-12_0/bin
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Ora81/bin
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Symantec/pcAnywhere/
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Embarcadero/Nov2001Shared
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Visual
:/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Embarcadero/Aug2000Shared

part of strace output,

   90   87249 [main] cvs 2280
fhandler_disk_file::open: 0 = fhandler_disk_file::open
(C:\cygwin\usr\local\etc\zoneinfo\posixrules, 0x10000)
   96   87345 [main] cvs 2280 open: -1 = open
(/usr/local/etc/zoneinfo/posixrules, 0x10000)
29888  117233 [main] cvs 2280 normalize_posix_path:
src //.cvsrc
  127  117360 [main] cvs 2280 normalize_posix_path:
//.cvsrc = normalize_posix_path (//.cvsrc)
   95  117455 [main] cvs 2280
mount_info::conv_to_win32_path: conv_to_win32_path
  111  117566 [main] cvs 2280 set_flags: flags: binary
   89  117655 [main] cvs 2280
mount_info::conv_to_win32_path: src_path //.cvsrc, dst
\\.cvsrc, flags 0x2, rc 0
  140  117795 [main] cvs 2280 fs_info::update: Cannot
get root component of path \\.cvsrc
14006637 14124432 [main] cvs 2280 symlink_info::check:
GetFileAttributes (\\.cvsrc) failed
  241 14124673 [main] cvs 2280
geterrno_from_win_error: windows error 67 == errno 136
15006623 29131296 [main] cvs 2280 symlink_info::check:
GetFileAttributes (\\.cvsrc.exe) failed
  247 29131543 [main] cvs 2280
geterrno_from_win_error: windows error 67 == errno 136

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