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Re: Cygwin Network Programming Problem


I tried your source, looks o.k. at first glance, and it works perfectly. I tried to reproduce your problem, about 10 times, and I always got:

  Hello, world!

  Connection closed

Are you using the latest dll?


--- "Parker, Ron" <> wrote:
>I have taken what looks to be a common network programming sample from the
>Internet and compiled it on Cygwin.  Upon reaching 'accept' for the second
>time I receive the following output:
>	accept: No children
>I have spent a few days perusing the Net and have found no solution to this
>problem.  If you compile and run the following source, you can telnet to
>port 3490 and get back, "Hello, world!".  When you telnet a second time, the
>error shows up.
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