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Re: How did I get it?


This is a little disappointing... The "MovieWorld" virus described at the McAfee site (<>) appears to be unknown to Norton AntiVirus. I tried searching the NAV virus encyclopedia using both "MovieWorld," "Cygwin," "Cygwin1.dll" and "SUA.BAT" (a file listed as essential to the MovieWorld Trojan on the McAfee site) to no avail. This despite the date on the McAfee listing is June 4, 2002.

So, it appears those who use Norton AntiVirus will not detect this Trojan.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 04:19 2002-12-14, Michael Schaap wrote:
On 14-Dec-2002 10:11, Max Bowsher wrote:
Jack Rose <> wrote:

Could some tell me how the CYGWIN1.DLL ended up on my computer. It
seems to have just appeared at 3:09am yesterday and I know I wasn't
working at that time.

Could this have been uploaded to my machine for malicious purposes?
If so, what else should I be looking for, besides a better firewall
and virus detector?

Any information would be appreciated...
Well, someone (apparently not you) installed Cygwin, or a program which uses
a cut down Cygwin install to function.
And this could indeed be a virus or worm. There is at least one that includes cygwin1.dll:

I'd certainly check your PC carefully for viruses, if I were you.

- Michael

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