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Re: LFTP: Cygwin and setupterm

At 11:03 PM 12/16/2002, Frédéric L. W. Meunier wrote:
>Anybody know what's wrong ? I tried to compile LFTP 2.6.3 with
>ncurses 5.2-8 and got the following:
>/cygdrive/g/Linux/lftp/src/ In function `void init_terminfo()':
>/cygdrive/g/Linux/lftp/src/ implicit declaration of function `int setupterm(...)'
>There's the following in
>#if defined(HAVE_TIGETSTR)
>static bool terminfo_ok = true;
>static void init_terminfo()
>    static bool initted = false;
>    if(initted) return;
>    initted = true;
>    int errret=0;
>    if(setupterm(NULL, 1, &errret) == ERR)
>       terminfo_ok = false;
>The same error someone reported some time ago with 2.6.2:
>I also e-mailed the lftp-devel mailing-list.

This is a trick question, right?  I mean, you know how to search for a 
prototype in the system include directories don't you?  I'm assuming 
that you have a real question here but I can't figure out what it is.
Can you enlighten us/me?

BTW, the answer to Joe's question that you reference above is "No, 
setupterm() is not supposed to be part of libc (libcygwin.a).

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