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RE: sshd

Try running Corrina's very useful ssh-host-config script if you havent.

User management is Handled by Windows. To add a user, either use the windows
management mmc snapin or "net user <username> <password> /add" from a
command prompt (WinNT/2k/xp only but you say you're running 2k :)
then run mkpasswd -l >> /etc/passwd to update cygwins passwd file.

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> From: Stuardo Rodriguez []
> Sent: 18 December 2002 09:50
> To:
> Subject: sshd
> Hi ... i installed cygwin with the Administrator of Win200   
> and run sshd -D  
> so i could login from another machine....  It works, because 
> it is asking me 
> for a password  but i type the win password and it does not 
> work... i also 
> tryed to change the password with passwd and tryed agai.. but 
> still have the 
> same error....
> I also tryed to add a new user .. but did not found the 
> useradd or adduser 
> bin. How do i add a user?
> Who could help me with that?  thanks
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> StR <>
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