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Re: cygwin License related Query....

If you are distributing cygwin1.dll and any of the executables that are
directly associated with it (mount.exe, umount.exe, cygcheck.exe, ps.exe,
kill.exe, cygpath.exe) then you must adhere to the GPL.  That means that
you have to make sources available to your customers.

The fact that you haven't modified the code is irrelevant.  The GPL is
about making sure that people who have the binary versions of software
also have access to the source code.  We provide both the source code
and the binaries to you.  You need to pass that along to your customers,
*unless* you pursue other arrangements with Red Hat.

Btw, I was trying to move this discussion off of the public list because
it probably isn't of much interest to people there.
Well, perhaps, but I think those two paragraphs are the clearest and most concise "layman's terms" explanation of Cygwin licensing I've read to date. All it needs is a "No, a link to the Cygwin site won't cut it" paragraph and I'd say it would make a good FAQ.

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