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Re: cygwin License related Query....

On Wed, Dec 18, 2002 at 01:39:57PM -0600, Gary Van Sickle wrote:
>>If you are distributing cygwin1.dll and any of the executables that are
>>directly associated with it (mount.exe, umount.exe, cygcheck.exe, ps.exe,
>>kill.exe, cygpath.exe) then you must adhere to the GPL.  That means that
>>you have to make sources available to your customers.
>>The fact that you haven't modified the code is irrelevant.  The GPL is
>>about making sure that people who have the binary versions of software
>>also have access to the source code.  We provide both the source code
>>and the binaries to you.  You need to pass that along to your customers,
>>*unless* you pursue other arrangements with Red Hat.
>>Btw, I was trying to move this discussion off of the public list because
>>it probably isn't of much interest to people there.
>Well, perhaps, but I think those two paragraphs are the clearest and 
>most concise "layman's terms" explanation of Cygwin licensing I've read 
>to date.  All it needs is a "No, a link to the Cygwin site won't cut it" 
>paragraph and I'd say it would make a good FAQ.

My response was tailored to the requirements that were presented.  It is
not that simple.  I wouldn't want someone making the decision to release
a cygwin product based on a FAQ entry.

The bottom line is comply with the GPL or talk to someone at Red Hat about
licensing.  I think this is a pretty simple rule.


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