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Cygrunsrv problem starting service created with --user

Howdy.  I checked the archives, but didn't see
anything that would shed light on the situation.

I have a fresh Cygwin install, along with Rsync, on a
Win2k box.  I would like to set up rsync as a daemon. 
The rsync daemon currently works - I can start up
cygwin, type "rsync --daemon --no-detach" and I have a
server running.  I can transfer files, no sweat,
config file works great.

I would like to run the rsync daemon as a service,
though not using the Local account.  I've successfully
set it up successfully before (using cygrunsrv), but
I'd like to have it run as a certain user.  So I used
cygrunsrv to delete it, then typed the following:

cygrunsrv --install rsync_daemon --user
mynetwork\\theusername --desc "rsync daemon from
cygwin" --path /usr/bin/rsync -a "--daemon

It then asks for the password, which I type in twice. 
(I tried just using theusername, but it apparently
wanted the domain name for the account).  

It appears to work - everything looks good in
Services, but when I try to start I get an error
message that the service could not start, and the
computer did not return an error.  

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Like I said, if I
add it without the --user it works and starts just
fine, but it won't start when created with --user.

Any help appreciated.  Thanks.

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