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Re: gcc-2 problems


Surely your makefiles invoke the compiler via an environment variable so as to allow you to override the default? Likewise your configure scripts include compiler override options, no?

Randall Schulz

At 23:07 2002-12-18, David K. McAllister wrote:
Today I updated my cygwin install for the first time in about three
months. Apparently I unwittingly installed gcc 3.2. Our code base is
staunchly gcc 2.95 for now. I discovered the gcc2 package and installed
it, but of course it's not the default and I can't change our code base
to look at gcc-2. I have to change my local install to work the way it
used to.

Is there a way to get back to where I was? I've tried uninstalling gcc-3
and then renaming /usr/bin/*-2.exe to not have the "-2" but I think I'm
missing something. The build breaks in a confusing place and I'm
convinced its because of my compiler woes.

Could I use an old version of the installer to install gcc-2.95 as "gcc"
instead of "gcc-2"? If so, where would I get the old installer and how
would I make it do the right thing?

I've searched the mailing lists as best I can back throuh Oct. 15th, but
I haven't found an answer.

Any help you could give would be, well, helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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