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Re: Apache + PHP

Check you have all of the required dll's:

$ cygcheck $(cygpath -w /lib/apache/libphp4.dll)

The above outputs a windows path list containing the dll's required by libphp4. Concentrate on the ones in your cygwin root directory.

If you have all of your required dll's then your next step should be rebasing your dll's:

This has come up contless times in the mailing list archives, so try and check there first before posting (

I'm feeling kinda tired, have I missed anything? :|


--- Stuardo Rodriguez <> wrote:
>When i downloaded the mod_php and installed it..   apache sotped working
>any1 else with that problem?
>any1 with apache + php working?  pls send me the libphp4.dll   thanks
>StR <>
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