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Re: Followup: 1.3.17: sshd closes terminal immediately after establishingconnection (1.3.13 ? 1.3.14) wrote:
Hello Jurgen,,

thanks for the trace you sent me privately.

> so I have to run the sshd as a specific user, and I also can
> not install sshd as a service. 


> debug1: permanently_set_uid: 45090/10513
> setuid 45090: Permission denied

You also report that the output of id is:

uid=45056(beq00871) gid=10513(Domain Users) groepen=547(Power Users),545(Users)

Note that your gid 10513 is not one of your groups (547, 545). 
This violates a basic Cygwin assumption, see
and this can lead to various problems. It causes an internal error
when you start Cygwin:
internal_getlogin: SetTokenInformation(TokenPrimaryGroup): Win32 error 1308 

So what's happening is that the non-privileged daemon gets a request 
for a login with   permanently_set_uid: uid=45090/gid=10513
This request can't be satisfied because 10513 is not a current group of
the daemon and it doesn't have the privilege to add groups.

The solution is simple: either edit /etc/passwd and change the gid to
547 or 545, or in Windows add the user to the Domain Users group.


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