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RE: [PATCH] exclude runtime-pseudo-reloc symbols from auto-export

Hi Chris,

>I don't see how you could do that since the symbol is associated with an
>existing place in memory.  We could put the whole function in a
>different segment but that's not the kind of solution I was thinking of.

> I was thinking that there might be an unused attribute that could be
> pressed into service as a "don't auto export" (doesn't linux/elf have
> something like this?) or that there was a way to name the symbol in some
> way that wasn't easily available from a C program, like putting a "." in
> the name with an asm alias.

this would require a special attribute definition and special asm code and some
work in the ld.
Let me ask one question: Why do you like to make a new non standard way (2) to
mark such things where the section setting stuff (1) is already part of the gcc

In both cases an ld patch is necessary, so it seems to me, that 1 would be
lesser efforts.


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