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Re: rxvt, once again...


At 14:21 2002-12-23, Rui Carmo wrote:
On Monday, Dec 23, 2002, at 11:58 Europe/Lisbon, Chris Game wrote:
That's interesting, but what's the advantage of rxvt over opening
cygwin/bash in a Windows command window, where all the formatting
options (except initial placement I grant you) are available from the
prompt window properties?
The main of rxvt advantage for someone who uses Unix terminals extensively is a fully dynamic, resizable terminal window - something the built-in W2K/XP prompt cannot provide. And I mean "resizable" as in height _and_ width.
I've never had any trouble resizing character windows running BASH and Vim under Windows 2K, nor have I experienced any limits to how I can do so. I always have 5000 lines of scrolls back and when I'm dealing with logic code that produces huge formulas, I max the width out to the 170 characters that will fit on my monitor. All without trouble.

Randall Schulz



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