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Re: rxvt, once again...

Dockeen wrote:
Hmmm, my results are pretty much the opposite. In Win2000,
I can only resize the window in the vertical direction. In
Win98SE I could only resize it very slightly, if at all.
Argh. Let's put an end to this once and for all.

In the NT-based series (WinNT4, Win2K, XP Pro), the command window has two sets of parameters: the *screen buffer* size (width x height), and the *window* size (what's actually displayed of the buffer). The command window will put up an appropriate scrollbar if a buffer dimension is larger than the corresponding window dimension.

In these OSes, you can drag a window and resize it *up to the buffer size*. Now, most of us typically set the buffer width and the window width as the same (80 chars), so you can't resize horizontally, but we *can* resize vertically if the buffer is larger than the window size (typically 24 lines).

In Win98 and Me, you cannot drag and expand the window, or set a buffer size larger than the window size. Period. Don't know if they have deliberately crippled XP Home to match Me (I don't have XP Home to check..)


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