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Wish list, Poll & Form

--- Harold L Hunt II <> wrote:
> There is nothing I hate more than spending an hour making a 
> release only to have someone say, "oh yeah, but wouldn't it 
> be more natural for it to do foo and bar instead of the way 
> you coded it?".  Sure, it might be more natural,
> but I want people to start asking me that before I make 
> the release, not after I make the release.  :)  
> Randall, you can be my first test case of me demanding more 
> information before coding :)
> Harold

If v hav a forum, where users can add/submit feature request 
(A Wish list) and other can vote on it. 
That will be a good guidence to developers.

I dont think it will be difficult. As phpBB and all have it.

NB: Not the way "Cygwin survey: Next vim version with perl support?"
    was done it will flood the archives, and seaching old mails 
    difficult. In this case my opinion would be an offlist reply 
    to Corinna Vinschen is better.


Example at MozillaZine, to create poll

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