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Re: Include cygipc in the distribution (was Re: cygipc (and PostgreSQL) XP problem resolved!)

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 11:16:24PM +0100, Elfyn McBratney wrote:
>At the moments I've just been planning functionality, like being able to
>switch user context and propogating the token. After I release
>libxml2/libxslt on Friday, I could start working on this properly.

But you are undoubtedly still very far away from anything which approaches
cygipc functionality right?

I think it's time to be pragmatic.  I have been holding off on this for
years now.  It is not doing anyone any good to say "any day now" for the
cygwin server when that is clearly not the case.

If we have a better solution than cygipc at some point there's no reason
why we can't obsolete cygipc and move to cygwin-daemon.  No offense to
you but you are the third or fourth maintainer of this code so I'm
not inclined to wait any longer.

And, for the purists, I know that this is a potential package discussion
and that it is occurring in the cygwin mailing list rather than the
cygwin-apps mailing list.  I thought that maybe this deserved a wider
discussion than cygwin-apps.


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