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Re: devices and mount points

Robert Citek wrote:
Hello all,

Is there an easy way to discover what device is mounted to what drive?

Specifically, I have a CD drive.  If I put a CD into the drive, I can
access it at the filesystem level as /cygdrive/d/.  However, mount does not
tell me what device the CD drive is.  It only says d: is mounted on
/cygdrive/d/.  I eventually discovered that is was /dev/scd4, but not
before trying devices /dev/scd[0-3].

To get a list of all devices I tried 'ls -la /dev/*' but that did not work.
 I also searched the archives using "CD device" and "/dev/ mount" but did
not see anything relevant.

Any pointers?

Cygwin mount is not the same as a UNIX mount.  It doesn't mention (or
need) devices.  It's really just a mapping of one file system notation
into another.  Cygwin emulates certain common UNIX devices but these are
virtual.  They don't show up in the file system by default (you can create
explicit names for them if you like).  The best way to find out the
currently supported virtual devices is to grep through the Cygwin code
for them.

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