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Re: case sensitivity and filenames


The Cygwin list is archived, so we like to keep discussion there. That way diligent users who search before asking will benefit from what has transpired before.

On to your questions.

At 15:19 2003-05-14, Frank wrote:
You mean "Windoze" don't you.

I'm don't go in for cutsey mangled names for things I don't happen to like. Windows is a Microsoft trademark. I don't like Microsoft much, but they're a fact of life. They chose the name, and I'll use it.

I found a thread about coolview, do you think this would resolve the problem...

I think you should live within the limits of the system you're using. Bucking this is likely only to cause you grief, since it's pretty deeply ingrained.

Others will have different opinions.

I don't know what CoolView is, at least not in a context that refers to how alphabetic case for file names is handled.

Randall Schulz

--- Randall R Schulz <> wrote:
> Frank,
> Welcome to Windows.
> For all practical purposes, Windows file systems record alphabetic case
> when files and directories are created, but do not distinguish alphabetic
> case when matching a name with an existing file system entry.
> Randall Schulz
> At 14:55 2003-05-14, Frank wrote:
> >I'm having trouble with cygwin seeing the difference between
> >"config" which is a directory and "Config" which is a file.
> >anyone know how I can get around this. The problem arises
> >when I use cvs to check a source tree out of it's repository
> >remotely...

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