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Re: Does cygstart always expand arguments?

Jim Kleckner wrote:

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Tue, 13 May 2003, Jim Kleckner wrote:


FYI, the following works for me:

cygstart gvim '"file with spaces.txt"' '"another file with spaces.txt"'

Yep, you did it, thanks!  A gold star for you, though
definitely not as valuable as cgf's.

Another case of peeling off layers of
"quoting the quotes". There must be some
DOS shell buried in there as part of the
invocation or something.

No DOS shell involved here. (cygstart directly calls the Win32 API ShellExecute function.) It's actually the (UNIX) shell which peels of the quotes.
I'll make some changes to cygstart so that arguments with whitespace will be (re-)quoted. I should be able to do this at the latest this weekend.

(Note that this won't be 100% backwards compatible - for instance, this breaks the above workaround. But I think we can live with that, it's better than the current behaviour.)

If anyone cares, here is a small bash
snippet that will create either a shell
alias or a function to figure out which
version of gvim/vim/vimx/vi is available
to use.

Here's mine:

       local args=""
       local arg dir

       # Loop through arguments to command
       for arg; do

           # Is it an existing file?  Translate to Windows format
           if [[ -f "$arg" ]]; then
               # Use short name iff filename contains space
               if [[ "$arg" != ${arg/ /} ]]; then
                   arg=`cygpath -w -s "$arg"`
                   arg=`cygpath -w "$arg"`

# Or is it a non-existing file in an existing directory (not .)? Also
# translate to Windows format
dir=`dirname $arg`
if [[ "$dir" != "" && "$dir" != "." && -d "$dir" ]]; then
arg=`cygpath -w $arg`

           args="$args $arg"

       # Run gvim
       gvim $args <&0 &

Note that I don't use cygstart, but run 'disown' to solve the 'problem' of job ownership.
(Actually, this is my Bash version of this function. in my Zsh version, which I use normally, I run "gvim $args <&0 &!" instead.)

- Michael

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