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RE: Wavplay for cygwin?

> /dev (like /proc and /cygdrive) is a virtual directory[*], 
> and is handled
> via cygwin1.dll. 
	Ahh...somehow 'ls /cygdrive' and ls '/proc' both show up 
with entries in them, but an 'ls /dev/' comes back with 
ls: /dev: No such file or directory, so it's not quite as obvious.

	As for proc going in 10 versions ago...well...maybe I just
forgot about it...but just saw someone mention it recently, so
I asked...oh well...

	I'd have alot easier time keeping track of the universe if I just
knew the initial state (and the CVS log of all the state transitions...

> You can create a /cygdrive/c/cygwin/dev 
> directory, for
> tab completion and the like, and even use a batch file I 
> posted earlier to
> populate /dev with zero-length files that will show up as devices.
	Ah...will have to search on it.  Sounds useful.  My only
wish there was that different windows each had their own TTY identifier.
makes it easier to keep around a finite number of history files that
retain history from the past few sessions.  Often I'll forget an exact
command and remember I just used it and rather than reread the man page
and refiguring out the manpage, it's often easier to grep though my
bash history files -- not a reliable means, but an occasional laziness

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