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Re: POSIX emulation layer questions

"Neil Zanella" <> wrote in message">
> I have heared that Windows is POSIX compliant due to US DoD regulations.

When Windows NT was released, it included a Win32 mode, a POSIX mode, and an
OS/2 mode.  For details of this feature, see:

Over time, Microsoft has essentially dropped support for the POSIX mode and
instead recommends porting POSIX applications to Win32.  See:

> I would like to execute the POSIX calls under windows. Do I need to link
> with the cygwin dll or is support for such calls already there.

Windows includes libraries, such as MSVCRT.DLL, that support some POSIX
calls in Win32 mode programs.  If you want to use a POSIX call that is not
included with Windows, then you will need an additional library, such as

> Can I use the borland free compiler?

The Borland free compiler includes support for some POSIX calls, but not as
many as the Cygwin.dll library.  It may be possible to use Cygwin.dll with
the Borland compiler, but it wouldn't be easy.  If you want to use the
Cygwin.dll library, it is easiest to use it with the free Cygwin GCC

>I ask because I am using Qt.

Unfortunately, I know next to nothing about porting Qt applications to

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