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Cygwin, mutt, Windows XP issues

I'm using mutt 1.4i under Cygwin on Windows XP.  My apologies for
cross-posting, but I'm really not sure if the problems I'm having are
mutt issues or Cygwin issues.  (Probably XP issues, but there's not
much help for that.)

I'm running XP on two different systems.  One (home) was formerly NT4,
and one (work) was formerly Win2000.  In upgrading to both of these
systems, some new problems with mutt were introduced.  Specifically:

1) Mutt no longer can tell which mailboxes contain new mail.  Once I
   open the mailbox, the new messages are correctly marked, but when
   I'm looking for a mailbox with unread messages, mutt doesn't detect
   any.  This used to work correctly under NT4, but *not* under
   Win2000.  It may have to do with changes in how Windows handles
   file protections, but I've tried to un-protect these files in every
   imaginable way, and still can't get this to work.

   I've looked at the mutt code somewhat, and it appears that mutt is
   checking the timestamp on the .mh_sequences file to detect
   mailboxes with new messages, but actually reading the .mh_sequences
   file to mark the new messages.  So it seems as if mutt is able to
   read the file, but not to get the correct timestamp.  That seems
   very weird to me.

2) I have some Perl scripts I run from mutt.  One of them parses a
   piped in email message and records some information from the
   message header.  This works fine if I am viewing the message in
   mutt's pager, and pipe it to the script.  But if I tag some
   messages in mutt's index, and try to pipe them all (I do have
   pipe_split set to "yes"), I get "File not found" errors on the Perl
   script.  This used to work on both NT and Win2000.

I'm willing to try debugging mutt, but I'm not sure what's a
reasonable way to debug a curses-based application in a Cygwin
environment.  I'm open to any suggestions here.

Any clues on any of this?

Thanks very much.


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