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Re: Error :"Procedure entry point pthread_once not found..."

On Wed, 21 May 2003, Vertex Normal wrote:

>   Hello.
>   I just installed Cygwin on my Windows 2000 machine, and have noticed a
> small problem.  I built the FOX toolkit libraries ( and
> built the sample programs that come with it (calculator, adie,
> pathfinder), and when I run them from within the Bash shell, or from the
> Windows Command Prompt, they work perfectly.  But when I attempt to run
> the programs by double-clicking the .exe in an open window, I get a
> message box with the error:
>  "The procedure entry point pthread_once could not be located in the dynamic link library cygwin1.dll".
>   This doesn't happen if I execute from a command line or shell.
>   I copied the cygwin1.dll and the exe's (they are statically linked) to
> another Windows 2000 box on my home network, and am able to execute the
> programs either from a command line or from within windows or windows
> explorer-- no problems at all.
>   My question is, could this be a configuration issue here?  I'm pretty
> new to Cygwin (about four hours, actually) so I'm not real familiar with
> the setup.
>   I installed Cygwin using setup.exe today (May 21, 2003) so it's as
> up-to-date as I can get it, I think.  I've searched the FAQs, the list
> archives, and Google, but can not seem to find anything dealing with
> this problem.  If anyone can help me, I'd sure appreciate it. It's more
> than an annoyance than anything, since I can run all my applications
> from the shell, but still...
> Thank you,
> Josh


You have another cygwin1.dll in your path.  Find it, delete it (or rename
it), and all should be well.
P.S. If you attached the output of "cygcheck -svr", as per
<>, that would shown this fact.
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