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Complete install failure for 'ordinary' install on WinXp using setup.exe


I have some kind of catastrophic install failure using
current setup.exe (2.340.2.5) on Windows XP for what would
seem to me to be an ordinary install.

I have installed cygwin previously (but not within 6 months
or so), so I deleted my old cygwin install first.

I downloaded the current setup.exe from the webpage a few
days ago, and began downloading the full cygwin distribution
using the 'Download from Internet' option, selecting the
'All' option instead of 'Default,' from the mirror (the first one I found that worked).

After several download sessions (I interrupted the download
a few times in between), I re-ran setup.exe with 'Install from
Local Directory,' again with the 'All' option on the base

Everything went fine, and all md5sums checked out, until
postinstall.  All of these console windows flashed by,
and it seemed every one of them I could read had all sorts
of errors, such as missing ls, rm, etc.  Testing the Cygwin
installation afterwards, it seemed to be unusable and
pretty much completely broken.

The setup program itself had reported no errors, other than
whatever I saw in the postinstall console windows.

C:\cygwin\var\log\setup.log seems ordinary enough: no
errors are reported.

However, one odd thing I notice by examining the installation
is that I can't find ls.exe or rm.exe.  They are not
in c:\bin, and no c:\usr\bin exists.

I have no idea where to begin on this.  Can someone
help me out?


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