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Re: C-M combination in cygwin + rxvt + bash + emacs

Thanks for your reply Joe, if I run emacs (with the -nw switch) in an xterm
it work as expected, running emacs as an X11 program is incredibly slow on
my machine using Xfree86 or Vista Exceed as x servers. In fact it's so slow
that after 5 minuets I gave up waiting for the screen to display.

Xfree86 is slower than Exceed, both seem to double in speed when I disable
Norton Antivirus (2003) but are still quite slow. Starting an Xterm with
Exceed takes about 5 seconds with Norton disabled and 10 with it enabled.

Has anyone else experienced the cygwin/emacs being impossibly slow with X11

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks


"Joe Buehler" <> wrote in message">
> Adam Griffiths wrote:
> > I can't seem to use C-M commands (control + meta, or, control + alt on
> > keyboard) in emacs via rxvt + bash. And I'd really appreciate some help
> > sugestions.
> I tried it with a Cygwin window and with rxvt, and it didn't work in
> case.  However, it looks like the X11 version of emacs works fine.  So I
> guess that there is some problem in the terminal emulators.  Perhaps
> can give some advice on configuring rxvt, maybe there is a workaround.
> -- 
> Joe Buehler

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