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RE: installation problem

Thanks for the smile.

I know I am both too stupid and too ignorant to "fix" threading.  I was
merely reporting what I had seen.  I certainly have been spoiled such
that if something takes longer than about 2 seconds, I think its frozen,
which is pretty silly for an old fart like me to think that way.

My message, which I probably badly garbled, was that this is an area in
which patience is a virtue...

Wayne (perspective mental patience)

-----Original Message-----
From: Bill C Riemers []
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2003 5:31 PM
To: Wayne;;
Subject: Re: installation problem

> Note "Not responding" does not automatically mean locked up and not
> running...

What it does mean is the golden rule of event programming has been broken.
Any event which can potentially take more than one
second or so to process should be processed in a separate thread.

But I shouldn't really say anything, since I'm not volunteering to fix this


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