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Re: C-M combination in cygwin + rxvt + bash + emacs

"Adam Griffiths" <> writes:

> Thanks for your reply Joe, if I run emacs (with the -nw switch) in
> an xterm it work as expected, running emacs as an X11 program is
> incredibly slow on my machine using Xfree86 or Vista Exceed as x
> servers. In fact it's so slow that after 5 minuets I gave up waiting
> for the screen to display.
> Xfree86 is slower than Exceed, both seem to double in speed when I
> disable Norton Antivirus (2003) but are still quite slow. Starting
> an Xterm with Exceed takes about 5 seconds with Norton disabled and
> 10 with it enabled.
> Has anyone else experienced the cygwin/emacs being impossibly slow
> with X11

5 seconds to start a xterm is really slow. On my box (PIII/550) it
takes less than a second in Hummingbird Exceed but XWin works fine
too. It looks that something is misconfigured. Maybe you run other
agent software that always reads the TCP/IP stack (e.g. firewall) or
your physical memory is running low.

As far as I know Cygwin Emacs is a little bit slower to start than NT
Emacs because the Lisp packages are not pre-loaded as in NT
Emacs. This might be too an option but to configure NT emacs to work
fine with cygwin needs additional packages such as cygwin-mount.el
that maps between the different filename specifications.


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