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RE: Writing mathematical formulas

> From: []On Behalf
> Of Andrew Markebo

> |  =-) The sad part is that you will need to download the sources and
> | compile i.e. "port" it. Dunno how easy that is. At times it seems
> | that free software isn't that portable ;-7 .
> Since when were commercial (or well, non-free) software is more
> portable?

 Did I say it was? 8-I

> Or how much was "that" ;-)

 You make me wonder whether I "speak" English well or not. Please, remember
that this is my second language, even though it was the third one I did
(I speak Finnish, Swedish and English, plus that Danish and Norwegian is
understandable to a swede - though they are very different at times).

Most of the time I find free software to be very "portable" i.e. it compiles
out of the box. What I was referring to above was the cases when this isn't

> [...]
> |  Hmm... I wonder if ghostscript can help in printing PS to a
> non-PS printer?
> | I'll have to read up on that; unless you can give me a hint or two? :-)
> Actually yes it can. Ghostscript has support for output to 'windows
> printer' or what the metafile format or whatever it is ;-) And exists
> for "native" windows, and cygwinned windows.

 Haven't had the need nor time to have look yet; is that a simple option to
GS, or do one have to muck around with "~/.ghost-profile" or some such =-) ?

>      /Andy

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden, 59 14'N, 17 12'E. >17?C
average/day now.

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