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Spurious(?) virus warning from f-secure

"Suspicious Win32 PE, perhaps a new virus!"

(PE EXE files = portable executables)

Pressing "Web Club" within the virus alert launches IE on this link:

Sorry, your search for Suspicious Win32 PE, perhaps a new virus! did not
find any results.
No documents were found containing "Suspicious Win32 PE, perhaps a new

This might be more relevant though:

(7 hits)

 The file that it is all about:

$ ls -l /bin/ncurses-test-dll/ncurses.exe
... 74752 Mar  9 22:00 /bin/ncurses-test-dll/ncurses.exe*

$ md5sum /bin/ncurses-test-dll/ncurses.exe
25bffd324f64e34364ef0c47f275a538 */bin/ncurses-test-dll/ncurses.exe

$ strings /bin/ncurses-test-dll/ncurses.exe
< output indicates some kind of TEST software for ncurses(?) >

 Can somebody verify the md5sum above?  $ md5sum -b <filename>
 Anobody else get a virus warning on it?

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden, 59~14'N, 17~12'E. >17~C avg/d now.
 ~ <=> degree

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