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Re: inet_aton

On Sun, 1 Jun 2003, Jonathan Smith wrote:

> > Jonathan,
> >
> > inet_aton has been exported by the Cygwin DLL itself for a while now.
> > Did you get reports of missing functions when running the application, or
> > when compiling it?  What is the version of Cygwin that you're using?  Are
> > the applications you're installing Cygwin applications?
> >       Igor
> failed to find inet_aton in the configure.  I'm using the installer from
> the website as of a week ago and "current" selections as of 15 minutes
> ago.  This application is naim, I've also seen it in gaim.
> I'm going to get a completely fresh copy of cygwin.


Don't bother.  Check config.log.  It's quite possible (and has happened
before) that the program configure used to test for some function failed
for other reasons, but configure decided that the function is not
available.  The major cause of this used to be the "-lm" flag.  It would
help if you posted the exact fail message from config.log (and the gcc
command that was used there).
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