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New setup: User not found? /cygdrive/h as default home directory?


  Long time user of cygwin.  Got a new job and off course, first thing I do is install it.  However, I am encounting a problem I never had in previous installations.  The installation was successfull, but when I started a command line window (cygwin.bat), I got the following:

id: cannot find name for user ID 18544
mkdir: cannot create directory `/cygdrive/h': No such file or directory
cp: cannot create regular file `/cygdrive/h//.bash_profile': No such file or dir
bash: cd: /cygdrive/h: No such file or directory

  There are two problems here.  First, cygwin cannot find the name of my user.  Is this because my Window account is not set properly?  I suspect this, but I have not administrator power on my machine and I am not a Windows guru.  This is a problem because when I use ssh it tells me to go away because I have no name.  Is there an environment variable I can set to trick ssh to working?

  The second problem is the attempt to create the /cygdrive/h .  In the /etc/passwd file, by default the /cygdrive/h directory was listed there as the home directory for my user.  I do not understand why because drive h does not exist on my system, and even if it did, I would not have wanted my account to be created there.  Nowhere in the installation process was I asked for the default home directory.  I fixed this by editing the /etc/passwd and changed the home directory to /home, which I believe should be the default and was in the past.  This is not a problem for me anymore, but I am reporting it because I find this /cygdrive/h default a bit odd.

  BTW, I searched the mailing list archive, but could not find anything related to these problems.  If this was discussed previously, I am sorry for the repeat; my search keywords where probably poorly choosen.

Hans Deragon

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