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Re: sharing hd partition betw Linux and Cygwin

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 04:04:11PM -0400, Soren Andersen (me) wrote:
> What: The entire logical partition is mounted on Linux using a mount
> point /linms-common/ and the CVS area is under that
> (/linms-common/SOMIANCVSROOT). A parallel arrangement (mountpoint
> differing but that's all) exists under Cygwin-cvs. No problems exist (or
> have manifested yet) under Cygwin, but under Linux I am having problems
> with running CVS commands, and those problems are based on perms.
> How (it fails): I cannot get CVS to run because it cannot write any
> files to that dir.
> I am trying to use the mount(1) options to the entry in my Linux
> /etc/fstab "uid=NNN,gid=NNN" in order to correct for a potential problem
> arising from differing users on the two systems. I have uid=[the numeric
> UID on Win98-Cygwin] and gid=[my GID under Linux] in hopes that group
> access rights are sufficient, but it turns out that they are not. By
> default all files (dirs) mounted on this vfat - type filesystem under
> Linux `mount' are set with perms rwxr--r-- so group members never have
> 'write' perms. From what I can tell from the docus for Linux 'mount',
> there is no way to change this situation on a mount like
> Win9x-vfat->(into)Linux.

I've fixed it myself. I set the uid= my numeric uid on Linux, not the
one on Win98-Cygwin. It probably should have been obvious to me to do so
initially, but I am pretty new to all this linux stuff.

Now sharing the drive space between the cvs tool (and cpan, too!) works,
I think (haven't actually tried cvs yet but had to work on cpan a few
minutes ago, and discovered it was suffering from the same difficulty).


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