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Re: Inability to resize/rearrange controls/windows

--- Shankar Unni <> wrote:
> Biju G C wrote:
> > I really appreciate any comments. 
> Looks interesting, with a bizarre quirk: if you try to resize below its 
> minimum size, it regrows the window on the other side so that it says 
> the minimum size. Any way to just not allow the resize below the minimum 
> size?

R U talking about the flickering effect ?

On Windows Control Panel > Display > Appearance > Effects
Uncheck "Show window contents while dragging"

for this option checked, 
I dont know whether there is a way to find the 
user is continuing the resizing or not.

Many windows programs (including MS-Word) solve it by doing nothing 
if size is minimum than required

effect will be like myapp.exe in at

I see MSN Messenger doing this in a better way.
(the chat window, not the buddy list window)

code for checking minimum size is near line 317 
of myapp.c in function onresize()
and it is called from  DlgProc() at case WM_SIZE: 

u can try modifying it.


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