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Re: Path separator

Greg Fenton wrote:
> --- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
>> You shouldn't be defining _WIN32 for cygwin.  Cygwin gcc doesn't
>> define this by default.
> Unfortunately, autoconf is doing this for us.  It is picking up
> windows.h from /usr/include/w32api, which in turn includes windef.h.
> Besides, we *do* want to convert "/" to "\" when running in the native
> win32 environment, so the #ifdef _WIN32 block is fine.  Its just when
> we are in Cygwin that we'd like to skip over that function (or change
> its behaviour).  So its a run-time and not compile-time setting I'm
> looking for.

No: Cygwin != _WIN32.

You may be looking for a run-time setting, but no such thing exists.

A native/Cygwin dual-mode binary sounds like a clever idea, but AFAIK has
never been done before, and is probably ridiculously infeasible on the
balance of work/benefit.

You should improve your to not pull in windows.h unless you
really want it.


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