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Re: Path separator

--- Max Bowsher <> wrote:
> No: Cygwin != _WIN32.

No argument from me here.  :-)

> A native/Cygwin dual-mode binary sounds like a clever idea, but AFAIK
> has never been done before, and is probably ridiculously infeasible
> the balance of work/benefit.

I don't see that the amount of work is ridiculous at all.  Any portable
code will have a path-conversion (canonicalization) function in place
for any and all file system access.  That canonicalization should be
able to determine the PATH_SEPARATOR for the given environment.

For my code to support win32 and cygwin, I only need to know what the
PATH_SEPARATOR is for the current running environment.  It may not be
in Cygwin right now, but wouldn't this be a Good Thing (and benign for
those who want to ignore it)?

I'm still open to suggestions if there are any others.


Greg Fenton

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