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Re: Calling gcc built DLL from .NET (Visual Basic)

--- Max Bowsher <> wrote:
> Thomas X. Hoban wrote:
> > Does anyone have a good example that shows how to create a DLL using
> > cygwin/gcc and call it using VB .NET?   I am specifically interested in an
> > example that shows how to pass a String variable.  In the example that I
> > show below, I am able to call a C function.  I can successfully pass a
> long
> > integer.  But the string that I pass shows garbage in the called function.
> ...
> > As I mentioned, I am able to pass integers successfully, but strings don't
> > seem to get marshaled to (char *).  I recognize that the .NET String
> > implementation is different, but thought the .NET marshaling would take
> care
> > of conversion.  A simple working example would be extremely helpful.
> There is nothing Cygwin-specific to this. You should ask about this in a
> VB.NET forum.
> Max.

Nice to hear somebody using VB.NET want to create DLL using cygwin/gcc 
I dont think he will get answer for this Question from a VB.NET forum
They will advice to use only MS products.

May be a gcc forum will be able to help him.
Or a MinGW forum, see

To solve ur issue U can also ask, 
How to create COM/DCOM objects using gcc?

You may also look at Harold's site
There is some thing like this with VC and VB

Finaly if you are able to do it with cygwin, please let us know.
We can add it as another use of cygwin


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