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Re: /usr/bin/find: . changed during execution of /usr/bin/find

> >> Aren't you the new maintainer of the package which includes updatedb?
> >
> > Nope. 'updatedb' is a part of findutils. Unless your hinting. ;-)
> --------------------------------
> Hmmm, maintainers... good idea.
> So I got the source findutils package and looked inside the AUTHORS file,
> these are the people:
>  Eric B. Decker
>  David J. MacKenzie
>  Jim Meyering
>  Tim Wood
>  Kevin Dalley <>
>  Paul Eggert <>
> [...]
> So does any of the old-school guru's here know some of the other
> maintainers of findutils and how to contact them?

Yep, but I can't tell you 'cos I wouldn't be being mean! ;-) Seriously
though, you shouldn't contact the maintainer(s) directly unless they ask you
to. This mailing list and ones like them are designed specifically to help
and most of the time, the maintainer is on the list.

As all of the package maintainers are volunteers it'd help if you could
help. :-) Meaning, you have a problem, so if you can root around (try
strace'ing and look in the source) and try and look for the problem it might
help them find it, or even fix it.


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