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Re: setup does not create /etc/profile

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> >> After running setup to download and install the core
> >package, I expected
> >> /etc to contain an initial profile. At least the FAQ says that setup
> >should
> >> create one. This is not the case. My /etc contains only
> >>
> >>   defaults  postinstall  setup  skel  termcap
> >
> >Re-install the 'base-files' package.
> I have run the setup program again, but still no /etc/profile. Am I
> to uninstall it first?
> Note that the setup worked without any apparent errors.

What does /var/log/{setup.log,setup.log.full} say? Anything?

Run setup.exe and go through until the package chooser dialogue, and click
on the the 'base-files' package until is says "Reinstall". Click next,
finish etc, and you *should* now have a `/etc/profile' file.

> There is another strange things: When I start bash (by clicking on the
> on my Windows desktop), by $HOME/.bashrc is not executed (but when I
> a subshell, .bashrc is sourced). Further, my $HOME/.bash_profile is not
> sourced. Should I post this
> as separate bug on the mailing list?

How are you invoking `bash'? If you want your shell to be a login shell you
have to pass the '--login' option to `bash'.


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