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Re: linking cygwins glX (in libGL.a) with MS hardware opengl32 libraries

Sorry Steve K, but you are heading toward a dead end.

The hardware accelerated openGL drivers cannot be accessed from X window, and there is no way we can change this. Basicalty, we cannot "teach" drivers writen by graphic hardware manufacturers how to draw in an X-window context. So you have to choose between:

1- Keep your app as is, using X window through GLX, and forget hardware acceleration.

2- Rewrite your app to use wgl and M$-specific functions to manage windows and input (this can be a substantial rewrite) and use hardware accelerated openGL for drawing.

3- Use some portable window management layer, like GLUT, and use hardware accelerated openGL for drawing.

André Bleau, Cygwin's OpenGL package maintainer.

email: bleau at igb dot umontreal dot ca
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