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RE: Inability to resize/rearrange controls/windows

--- Shankar Unni <> wrote:
> > Just found API Viewer for VB also do the same !!!!
> > 
> Well, that's interesting. But it's bizarre nonetheless. VB Uis can be
> pretty weird, too - I agree. Still, this is a very useful toy - let's
> see what Robert and the others think of it.. Thanks for contributing it!

Please keep in mind my contribution is only

And in "myapp.c" 
template to write onresize() function,
and calling format for winTranslatetoControlSizeInfo
ie "10%:7,7;   65%:7,7;   10%:1,2;   15%:3,3", 

Actual demo program "myapp.c" was something I took from

now Copyright is in my name (Biju G. C.) 
I dont mind changing it to a proper project name.
Also ready to change function/struct/const names if needed

Work left from my side is a good documentaion
mainly "How to write format string?" for 
winTranslatetoControlSizeInfo() function

Then later enhance winResizeControls() function
to its full power, initialy I thought of.
ie, I should be able specify a minimum and if possible
a maximum size for a controls range.

Please discuse with others, and let me know when u want my help.


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