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Re: Sparse file criteria malfunction - binutils produces sparse .exe & .dll files

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 05:56:05PM +0200, Markus Mauhart wrote:
> or more beyond EOF") now seems to be a good way to emulate *modern*
> unix FS capabilities, which are different from "unix sparse files",

What is the meaning of that argument?  What is different?  Evidence,
not claim, please.

> So probably you are right, when the next cygwin does what you say
> ("64K"), further discussion about old wrong arguments supporting
> old wrong features are really good for nothing.
> But nevertheless send me an email in case you find out more about
> since when typical unix/linux FSs support holes inside files !

Sorry but I don't care for that.  It's in ext2/ext3 and it's in xfs
and several other FS.  Nobody actually cares on a UNIX system since
that fact is hidden and transparent to applications.  It's "just there".
It wouldn't be a point of discussion in this mailing list if Microsoft
wouldn't have taken the non-transparent route when implementing this
feature in NTFS.


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