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Re: Cygwinperl & tar on Win9x (really tar)

Soren Andersen wrote:
> Hello Cygwinauts,
> I'd like to report a problem I encountered recently try to run CPAN(.pm)
> on Cygwinperl to ... you know what CPAN does.
> My system is Win98 and I suspect from absence of reports concerning this
> that somehow this isn't affecting people on other-derived M$ Windows
> platforms. All of this is vis a vis cygwin on these platforms, of
> course.
> CPAN fails to be able to make or install modules because the system call
> to tar(1) returns an error (generates a SIGSEGV [?] signal) when perl
> tries to have tar unroll a module archive. On examination, tar is being
> called by perl code in the innards of, with the old-style flags
> (switches) un-prefaced by a hyphen/dash/(-) token, e.g.:
>    $ tar xvf foo.tar
> On testing, the stackdump can be caused by manually passing arguments
> (flags, switches) to tar(1) without a hyphen. I myself always habitually
> use the modern GNU-style with tar, i.e. "$ tar -xvzf foo.tar.gz" when I
> run `tar' manually or use it in scripts, so this bug never bit me before
> CPAN showed it to me.
> Also, sorry, I am composing this message from Debian GNU/Linux, so I
> have not the opportunity to generate a "cygcheck.exe" output file to
> attach to this message. My `tar' was from cygwin release 1.13.25 and
> then I reverted to the previous one (whatever that was). Both tar
> versions manifested the same segfault.

I habitually use the old-style options, and have never encountered a
segfault - but I'm using WinXP.

I suggest you ensure that all your packages are up to date, and ensure you
really are running Cygwin's tar.
If the segfault persists, try reinstalling the cygwin and tar packages.

If still no luck, you could try a full reinstall of Cygwin, or debugging the
segfault by using gdb on an unstripped version of tar.


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